About Maddens

The name Madden's derives from two extremely special people; Madison Virginia Ponte and Dennis Harold Neville. Madison is the daughter of Norbert and Norleen Ponte and Dennis is the father and father-in-law of Nathaniel and Erin Neville.


was born on February 07, 2003 with several medical complications, spending the first six and one half months of her life at Yale New Haven Children's Hospital. With a great deal of courage and strength she underwent several major and minor surgeries successfully. Defeating all odds, Madi lived a life no doctor predicted. She had a smile for everyone she met, no one could resist her smile, it was contageous. She was always surrounded by family and friends who adored and loved her. In 2007, Madi contracted Adenovirus, which attacked her lungs. She never gave up and continued to fight until the end. Due to complications from the virus, Madi passed two days prior to her fourth birthday on 2/05/07. Norbert, chef and co-owner of Madden's, has always had a love and passion for culinary. Madi is the driving force behind his love and dedication as she taught him the meaning of what true love is.


was an accomplished individual who graduated from UCONN, served in the Air Force and was a cryptographer in the Vietnam War. Being a nuclear engineer, allowed Dennis to travel all over the world. He remained a true and dedicated fan of UCONN and the Boston Red Sox throughout his life, never missing a game. This love was shared with his best friends; Alex and Greg. They spent a great deal of time together routing for their teams. Dennis and Nathaniel enjoyed spending time together. They shared their loves of sports, especially baseball and Uconn basketball. In 2012, Dennis lost his courageous battle to prostate cancer. Nathaniel, co-owner of Madden's, holds many fond memories of his father and wanted these memories to live on. While sitting at the bar, please take notice as there is always a seat with Dennis' name on it.